Stability for the Elderly

Stability and balance usually decline at least a little, as we grow older. Why? Muscle Deterioration Some of it may have to do with brain function deteriorating, but a lot of it is purely physical. The renewal rate of cells slows – this is the whole meaning of ‘ageing’. Muscles, ligaments and tendons lose both …

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Preventing Injury

How do we Prevent Injury? Some people seem to be injury prone – but usually there is an underlying cause. Poor balance, weak muscles, tight muscles, misalignment, etc. Various aids are used to reduce risks – ankle or knee guards, strapping, arch supports, special footwear, gum guards, goggles, head bands, helmets, visors and the like… …

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Inner Soles / Sports Orthotics

The first thing to ask is – ‘What do I want Sport inner soles or Sports Orthotics to do for me?’ Probably the most important thing generally is shock absorption. Many sports shoes are designed specifically with this in mind and all kinds of gel, air and fancy technology are used to provide more and …

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Foot Fitness – The Missing Link

Why is Foot fitness the missing link? Fitness in any limb, or part of the body, can only be achieved by exercising the moving parts, i.e. muscles, tendons and ligaments. Therefore movement builds fitness! Human feet all have 26 bones, but many more moving parts. So, as in any area, the right exercise, stimulation and …

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Foot Deformities

What is the one single thing that can have the greatest effect on deformed feet, whether by birth defect, disease or accident? Movement!! Scar tissue needs continual massage to loosen up. Torn or damaged tendons need gentle stretch/massage exercise to heal and strengthen. Surgically repaired bone structures need strong muscle structures to support and keep …

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